Saturday, July 7, 2012

The week of June 24th, an aide of President Bill Clinton's contacted Dr. Mi Ja Kim, our UIC College of Nursing Director of Global Health and asked if any people from Chicago going to Rwanda would come to a photo op with President Clinton. A group of six went by limousine to the Four Seasons Hotel on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. We had to wait a while, but we did have photos with the President. In the group photo, you see Dean Weaver and Dr. Kim in the forefront; Jeff Williams, Jane Arnold, and I are the ones going to Rwanda.

Mr. Clinton is very excited about the Rwanda Project as it is funded by the Clinton Foundation. In mid-July he will be in Rwanda for the official opening of the project and we will arrive about two weeks later. He spoke with us for several minutes then we were invited to hear the speech he gave to a gathering of about 100 businessmen and one business woman!!! He gave a wonderful speech--the old charisma is still there.


  1. Carrol, these are great photos of you! I am so excited to hear about your adventures via your blog!!

  2. Well, are you all packed and ready to go? I'll be revisiting your blog as you fly out of the states. Bon Voyage! Judy Davis