Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

I want to add to something I discussed in yesterday's entry, when I talked about the rapid increase in life expectancy in Rwanda. Certainly some of that can be attributed to the work of outsiders coming in to help. But I have seen something here that I'd read about but didn't know really existed. The Rwandan people themselves are contributing a great deal to everything positive that is happening in this country. Since the genocide and its aftermath, the government has tried to instill in the people how important it is for every person to contribute to the betterment of the country. One young man remarked upon this to me and he was so sincere I believed him. But people do not have to discuss it. I have seen how the work men and women here at the school have taken on the necessary repairs to my house. And they just keep working till they accomplish what they set out to do--no whining, no posturing--they just talk with me till they understand the problem then go about working it out. And lots of the time, we do not even speak the same language, but somehow they persist in trying to understand me and vice versa till we each understand. There is a preponderance of younger people here and I see this mindset everywhere. I wonder if I will see it in the nursing students? Wouldn't it be great if our U.S. students had this ethos?

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  1. Dear Carrol,
    There seems to be a strong set of purpose and duty there. I am so pleased that people are so accepting of you. I read yesterday's (Wednesday's blog), wow milk from your cows!!! Now, here comes the nurse question, do you think you should boil the milk and then refrigerate it afterwards? Reason, if you have to boil the water, the cows drink the same water, then the product of that water=milk, should be boiled too.
    I would love if our US students had the same ethos. What a joy to teach and learn from them. Keep writing,

  2. Carrol,
    I SO enjoy reading your blog. It allows me to live vicariously through your experiences. Thank you for making such an important impact on the profession of nursing and in the world, in general. I agree with Sharon- keep writing!!

    Amanda Hopkins