Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, August 21, Holiday in Rwanda for the end of Ramadan

OK, People. Finally got to photograph the cows! One was lying down so it was hard to catch her. The other posed beautifully after a few encouraging "moos".  You can just see the black and white hide of the shy one in the lower left corner of the first photo. The other one posed like a queen. You can also see that this pen is made from the wood at hand, not from what you'd get at Menards!

It is interesting how you are responding so positively to the cows in my back yard. They are good company. Jerome also asked me if I would like some goats. I would dearly love some--we'll see what comes of it! I don't know who gets the milk from the cows--possibly the patients at the hospital.

I am in good spirits today. I actually got a guard to bring me (oh, yes, guards are everywhere here--this was the guard from the school compound) a match box so I could light a match. (Some matches had been left here without a way to strike them! They are little tiny wax matches.) I lit the burner on my stove and began the process of sterilizing the ceramic cones that go into my water purification system. That's a big step. Once I get it all set up I won't have to buy bottled water any more. With fire, now I can even boil water if I wish!!

Enjoy the cows.

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