Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012--Kigali

Tonight's entry will be about one topic only: mosquito bed nets! When I arrived here, I was confronted with needing to sleep under a bed net for malaria prevention; I had never done so before. The round frame is suspended from the ceiling and all the netting flows down from there. You spread the netting out in a circle and tuck it in around the entire bed. At the beginning it seemed sort of lovely. It looks like something a fairy princess would have over her bed. As time has worn on, however, this princess is slowly becoming disenchanted. Once I'm inside the netting things are OK if I have remembered to bring everything in with me: my book, my iPad, etc.  If I haven't remembered I must crawl out again to secure what I need. The real issue is when I have to get up in the dark at night. I have to pull the netting up until I can get outside of it, then get back in again. Sometimes when I wake up in the AM, I have really made a mess of things!

If anyone has any good tricks about sleeping with netting, please let me know. I'm a newby at this, but will have to do it all year while I am here.



  1. carrol! i love reading your blog. this reminded me of my similar mosquito net adventures in panama... i had to laugh in sympathy about you exiting and entering your net at night. i remember doing the same thing. do you have a headlamp? i used to keep one near my bed and bring it in with me whenever it was time to sleep. that way, i would be able to get my bearings before exiting (although i would have to turn off the headlamp before opening the net so that my face wouldn't be attacked by mosquitos..!)


  2. All I can think of is ...what a great "I Love Lucy" episode that would make...
    But seriously do you have a flashlight app on your phone?

  3. Wow! I never thought about the fact that the netting would need to be completely tucked in and what that would mean for getting up at night!