Monday, August 13, 2012

The traditional meal and the haircut

Yesterday I was successful in getting a haircut! Jerome took me to some friends of his who own a barbershop down at the City Center. Now I know where to go and how it will turn out! One major item crossed off my list.

Yesterday Jerome picked me up about 2PM. We went to his house for "lunch" and so that I could meet his family: there was Esther, his wife, Joshua, a six-year-old son, and Caleb, a four-year old son--two very lively boys. Jerome's nephew, Jan, was also there. Jerome said that traditionally a household is much more than one's own nuclear family. He likes to have nephews, aunties, etc., as many people as possible around.

Here is what we ate, and Jerome said this was a very traditional meal: White potatoes and bananas cooked together, greens (the name is not translatable but they were something between spinach and mustard greens), beans (like our kidney beans), a very small amount of meat, and a dish with dried banana, dried potato, and fresh sliced tomatoes. I think maybe I should not have eaten the tomatoes as I had a little reaction this AM!! For dessert we had fresh pineapple and, what else?, bananas! It seems I will be eating a lot of bananas this year. The small ones are plentiful here (about 4" long and very sweet) as is pineapple. there are also passion fruits, and some others I do not recognize but with whom I wish to become familiar.

I am adding photos here. I took them at Jerome's house with my iPad. They are not great, but at least you can see who Jerome and his family are. They are expecting another baby in the new year. Jerome was questioning me thoroughly about why I have only two children! He thinks that is not nearly enough.

More photos:

Sorry about the two photos. I just could not get them to turn horizontally.  After 1/2 hr. I gave up.

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  1. Cute hair cut but I have a crick in my neck now. How much are hair cuts? Done by a man?