Wednesday, September 19, 2012

09/19/12  I have now been in Rwanda for seven weeks. I really cannot believe how quickly the time is going by!

This posting will be mostly photographs: These are for Don and Remy!

First a few pictures of my home:

 This is my front porch with the double doors my main entrance
 This is the back of my house. The two bigger windows are in my dining room, the smaller is in the kitchen. The red box with wires represents the work they have done to connect me to the school's generator so I'll have power when the main power goes out. The first attempt connected me directly to the school's power. Jerome was unhappy with that b/c the school was paying for my electricity. The second attempt happened this last Monday when they assured me I was connected to the generator. A two-hour power outage that came upon us later that evening proved that I was still not connected to the generator! I'm not sure if they have even worked on it again.  The white area on the ground is part of the white gravel walkway all around the house.
Not even sure what to call this; it is an attached workroom of sorts. This is where Miriam does the laundry and hangs it out to dry on some clothes lines inside of a more open area. Workmen go in and out of the brown door as they have been working on the hot water (which still is not running). The stacks (2) out in the green grass are over the septic system

Field of Beans

                                             This is my dining room with a plastic tablecloth.
 In the dining room is a hutch where all the dishes and cutlery are kept, as well as the refrigerator.
                                                           One view of the living room.
                                                          Second view of living room.
                                                               Kitchen sink
This is my precious Prestige water filter. You pour regular water in the top half and it filters over three ceramic "candles" inside the top part. Then the bacteria-free water flows into the bottom half. You can see the little spiggot down at the bottom where I draw out the clean water for drinking and for ice cubes.
  This is the only other piece of furniture in the kitchen. On it are cookware, carrots, beets, food storage containers, etc. Under the table are various buckets and tubs that Miriam uses for laundry. We just found out about the oven under our gas stovetop. We have four gas burners on which we can cook. The oven is actually electric! It plugs into the wall right next to our big gas tank. We have yet to use it. I'm not sure Miriam has ever actually used an oven. I may have to find some cake or brownies in a box so we can try them. Of course, in our altitude, we'll have to make adjustments. In general, it takes everything longer to boil or to cook here.



  1. Hi Carol,

    Your living quarters are lovely. It looks homey. After seeing your water filter it give me a greater appreciation for being able to open the tap so easily! I hope you are doing well and continue to enjoy your time there. I cannot believe it's been 7 weeks already! :) Frances

  2. Hi! Dr. Smith.

    How are you? Your pictures said to me you are doing well. I like your backyard. The bean field look so lovely and cute. I hope those are going fast and you can harvest soon. Take care and Enjoy your time in there.

    I will see you on this Blog again.

    Have a nice weekend.


  3. Nice home sweet home! I've tried to connect through comments several times but with no success! I am trying again! Glad all is going well for you! I am enjoying your blog musings! Keep it up!