Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This blog is getting to be quite a tome! Should I send less frequently?

This will be short like last week. I still have a little prep to do before I begin teaching my classes tomorrow. I took some photos of my desk so you can see where I spend a lot of time. My office is an inside room--I and any visitors must walk through the Administrative Assistant's area to get there. This photo shows you want you see as you walk into the room. I always have a pashmina (on the back of the chair) in the office in case I get cold. The bag on the shelf behind the chair is a new African print bag I use to carry my computer back and forth. If I hadn't brought my own computer, I wouldn't have had one. Most of the offic  computers are in pretty bad shape.

The following shot is of my "tea table". Hot water is prepared for me in the thermos twice a day so I can make tea for myself.

The chair to my desk is not on wheels, so I scrape along the cement floor just like I do in my chairs at home. I had to wait a long time for the green waste basket. I think Rwandans have some sort of thing about trash--they seem not to make any! It is rare to see a waste basket anywhere. I wish I knew where it all went!

When I need a break, I just look out the window. The path out there on which you see a couple of people is the main road into the school and our homes. There's always something interesting going on out there: taxi-motos delivering people to the campus, people walking to and from town or the hospital. The cowherd drives the cows out to pasture down this road. One day this past week I heard a lot of bellowing outside. I could tell it was Clint. Finally I saw the cause. Clint was having his way with a man pushing a wheelbarrow. The man couldn't keep going as Clint was really threatening and "shouting" at him. Finally the cowherd had to use his big stick to get Clint away. Once he could go again, the man and wheelbarrow left in a big hurry. When I told my friend, Jackie, what I saw she said "that cow" can really cause trouble. He likes to go after women, especially. I've never had anything but calm contacts with Clint, but I've always been outside the pen reaching in, or inside the pen with Clint in a stall. Guess I'd better watch him!

I also have a bird story. I know I've mentioned the black and white bird with multiple songs. I know his chirp now and can hear when he is around my area. I always keep my office door open. One day I was at my desk and in walked the bird! He ranged around the office, picked up a few crumbs, and walked out. He had come in the outside door and walked all the way back to me. Later in the day I was in the outer office and saw the bird up on my desk casing out everything there. He is quite tame.

I didn't end up going to an election night sleepover. Two trips into Kigali in one week really messes things up and I had to go down for a meeting on Friday. I set my alarm for 4:30AM my time and watched the remainder of the results come in and Obama's speech. I surely hope he can get some more of his promises realized.

I really must wind this up. I ask all of you to be thinking of me as I start this teaching venture. I am looking forward to being with the students but don't feel 100%  with the content.

Take care, everyone.


  1. Dear Carrol,
    Yes, you would be nervous, however, you will do well. You handle everything so far like a real champ and you will have a great day in class too.
    Just be yourself!

  2. I'm getting caught up on your posts from mid-Oct. I was busy with the state AV convention in late Oct/early Nov. It is so nice of them to schedule it on my birthday.

    Think you will every see the Saintpaulia species while you are
    in Africa?

    I don't think you post too much! I enjoy your news.

    Let me know if I can help/send you anything that would help with your ESL class.