Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dear Faithful Readers:

Big news! Chelsea the cow gave birth last weekend to a baby girl cow. I haven't been able to think of a good name yet. The cow caretaker built her a little raised bed. Everytime I've been to see her she is asleep on her bed. I'll enjoy watching her grow until I leave.

My entry tonight will include no photos. I've had such a difficult time posting entries with photos, I cannot bear to try again just now. Twice I attempted to post pictures of our visit to a Maasai village in Tanzania, only to have all my work disappear just before I posted it. That's what did me in!

My life here in Byumba has taken a rather frantic turn and I expect it to remain this way pretty much until I leave for the U.S. I now go to the Byumba District Hospital to teach staff nurses and to look around for things they might need to do differently. The list grows long.

I am also observing random faculty members in their classrooms. Jerome wants me to develop a faculty evaluation form.

I also learned on Friday that I was being recommended for a position on a Curriculum Revision committee. If I end up on the committee, I will have to go away for four weeks (the weeks will be spread out) to a remote town to work on the undergraduate curriculum. That is going to eat into my time.

The hospital nursing education is not without difficulty. The physician's can speak English, but their preferred language is French. They even chart in French. The nurses speak only Kinyarwanda, and I speak only English!! Sometimes the docs will do some translating for the nurses. One day last week the Director of the Hospital came to a class and did a great job translating. Some of the nursing students also speak some English and can translate. But I never know what the combination of people will be in a given class. The doctors are beginning to sit in on the classes. There is little room in the hospital for people to gather for a class, so we are usually crammed into a very small space. Even with all these impediments, the classes have gone well. People participate, ask questions, and ask me to return. I don't think they are used to getting this kind of attention.

I was in Kigali on Friday and Saturday for meetings and a party. Just came home in the early afternoon today. I now stay in a hotel when I must stay overnight in Kigali. Don, Kate (my brother and daughter) and I stayed at the Golf Hills Residence in January. They were very nice to us and I have been back several times since then. It's more like a B&B than a hotel. They have a lovely breakfast that is part of the fee for a room. I had begun to feel as if I were imposing too frequently on the families of my two friends, so this is perfect.

I'm done for tonight. I will try to be a more regular "blogger" once again. And may gradually try some photos. But not right away.

Have a good week.

P.S. We have begun the "big rainy season" which falls in March and April. It rains nearly every day, and rains in torrents. One evening I was sitting in my dining room while a lot of lightening flashed with the rain. Suddenly I saw lightning strike in my kitchen! That was a little too close for me!

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