Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I just finished washing the dishes. I had to hurry to do it before dark. The light in the kitchen is quite low and if I wait to do the dishes till after dark, I cannot see whether they are clean or not!

I had a trip to Kigali this week for a meeting, then a quick return to Byumba so I could attend a meeting with Jerome. The person who came for the meeting was from the "BEC" some sort of education group delivering good news/bad news. We will be receiving many such visitors in the next couple of months. Everything is being revised (curriculum, job categories, etc) Also, all the nursing schools are being moved from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Education. Thus, all the visitors/inspectors.

I have found the Rwandans love declarations. Any piece of paper on which they can affix the school seal is good. But then, the storage of all that paper is problematic. It takes one full time person! So, all these visitors will be leaving stacks of paper. Jerome has to sign every request. He explained to me that many Rwandans cannot be trusted so every request has to have a paper trail.

Our weather is still fairly cool and with lots of rain. Can't wait for May.

I don't feel that I have much to say tonight. I am buckling down to finish projects, so spend a lot of time in my office. Jerome goes back and forth from Byumba to Kigali to Byumba again. I have to catch him on the fly. He favors Kigali as that is where his home and family are. His two big boys (6 yrs, and 4 yrs have decided they want me to come for a sleepover! I will probably decline as I might have to sleep with one or both of those wiggly little guys.

Julia is continuing to grow. I've never seen an animal grow so fast.

I think my supper is ready. Cornbread and fresh green beans.

So long for now,

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