Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Julia in her crib.

Carrol almost in the crib with Julia

Baby cow news! We now have a name for Julia. And I am attaching photos. The first is from outside the cow shed and you can only see her through the "slats" of her crib. The second one I took when I actually went into the cow shed and got right up by the crib. She is pretty skittish when I get that close, but will finally lick my hand with her slobbery mouth and nose. After the first several days of mostly sleeping, I went out and found Julia standing up in her crib and practicing her "moo-ing"--very quiet little attempts at sounding like a cow. At present, she can already moo like a big girl! I look for her to be climbing out of that crib one day soon.

I've been conducting more classes at the hospital of late which are mostly lots of fun. I can only understand English. There is usually someone who can interpret the French or Kinyarwanda, so that helps. I was to begin a series of ESL classes yesterday at 5PM when people get off work. (Day shift works 7A to 5P; night shift works 5P till 7A. Only two shifts.)Some of the nurses had asked me for the English classes. I was there in plenty of time and waited till almost 5:20. No one had showed up, so I left. The Dir. of Nursing called me before 8AM today asking what happened. After I told him my side, he said 10 people showed up sometime after 5:20. I don't believe him for a second--he's not a very reliable guy. I told him the reason we needed to start on time is that I have to walk home afterwards and I wanted to get home before dark. That is between 6 and 6:15. Rwandans are habitually late to everything, so I wasn't surprised that no one showed up on time. However, I'm sticking to my guns this time. It will be a massive amount of work to put on three classes/wk and they're going to have to cater to me!!

I'm writing a paper based on the interviews of the staff nurses, clinical instructors and students we surveyed soon after I got here-75 people altogether. It is turning out to be pretty interesting data. I want to get it finished up, however. It's been dragging on a bit too long.

I'm going to include some other photos here, of my Swiss Chard. It has lasted a very long time. Now, I can only stand to eat it about once/wk.
Julia said she had to see you one more time.

Gorgeous on the table, too!

My March planting is coming along. I have Chinese cabbage, mixed salad greens, beets, and either zucchini or cucumbers (One came up and the other didn't) I'll definitely be eating these before I leave. I give a lot of chard away. No one so far has known what it was or how versatile it is for cooking.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy the photos.
CA, G-ma, Ma, Mom, Carrol

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