Friday, July 5, 2013

Last entry from Rwanda

Friday, July 5, 2013

Well, Dear Readers, this is my last entry from Rwanda. I leave in just five more days, July 10. Because I want to record some of my reactions upon returning to the U.S. after a year in a very different culture, I will continue to make some entries once I get to Illinois. ain't over till its over!!

I've been trying to get rid of Rwandan francs but I'm afraid I went too far. Now I may need to do some fancy dancing at my bank in Kigali. One of my drivers who owed me 15,000 francs (for fuel I bought him) sent it up to me today from Kigali. I thought I'd never see it again. I have found the Rwandans I've dealt with to be quite honest and ethical. Nice to know these habits still exist. Or maybe it is just out in the rural areas. Paul Kagame runs a pretty tight ship in the urban areas as well, though. Maybe a little too tight.

The rooster and the cows are singing to me. If only I'd had a dog here, it would have been perfect.

I said my good-byes at the hospital this morning at a staff meeting. The staff and faculty are having some sort of "do" here at the school for me on Monday. We'll see what that is.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog. I kind of ran out of steam during the last six months. It just seemed like there was not as much going on or there wasn't as much going on that was noteworthy. I was just working for Mr. Clinton!

Don't abandon me yet. Stay tuned for stateside musings.

Carrol, etc.

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  1. Carrol,
    We attempted to keep some varieties of Streps and Violets alive while you were gone. Sadly, many were lost, but a fair number have survived. I may have to get rid of our light table soon, so when you are ready, you can come and get them!